DOLDOA Big Teddy Bear Stuffed Animals Plush Toy for Girlfriend Children

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Manufacturer Description

Welcome to Our Shop Sweet Teddy Bear Just For You
If you enjoy teddy bears,you will enjoy our product.We will introduce the teddy bear's information.

# Teddy Bear Description
- Our teddy bears are cute,cuddly and soft.
- As your best friend,we certainly pay more attention to product safety and comfort,hope you play with her at ease.
- We made of teddy bear with lots of love and happiness,hope share our happiness to you,and you will have a wonderful and colorful life.

# Teddy Bear Manufacturing
- Our teddy bears are handmade,our workers are also lovely and hope you feel our intentions and warmth from product details.
- Teddy bear is made of soft,high-quality,plush material and filled fat with high-quality,high-elastic,100% polypropylene cotton.
- In the design,facial expression is true and lovely,with a tie in neck,you feel it's a real friend to accompany and share anything to her.

# Teddy Bear Function
- Our teddy bears are adorable and lovely as a great gift.
- Mother purchases it to children as a birthday gift,Christmas gift.They put it in bedroom,share anything to her and play together in leisure time.You don't worry about that children feel lonely when you don't at home.
- Boyfriend purchases it to your girlfriend. Maybe you can't always stay together, when she's alone, there's a bear to accompany her and she wouldn't feel lonely.
- Daughter or son,gives to your mother to appreciate her.

- Teddy Bear Washing
- In order to health, the teddy bears should be cleaned on regular basis.
- According to the size of teddy bear,choose different way to clean her.
- A small teddy bear,directly wash and dry,then you need pat gently teddy bear to make teddy bear more fluffy.
- A big teddy bear,open the zipper,take out the filler,and put teddy bear's skin into machine to clean,dry,next put the filler into teddy bear's skin.

Product Features

Cute,soft and perfect teddy bear for hugging and snuggling.It's a best friend to accompany and share. Jumbo teddy bear stuffed with love in DOLDOA,make a perfect gift for men, women and children for any occasion, from Christmas and Valentine's Day to someone and everything. Big teddy bear is a best friend, a part of the our life.Make you feel the wonderful and colorful life. Adorable teddy bear is about 39 inches,cute stuffed animal.It's very plush and soft as a gift.Complete with a ribbon on his neck. Cuddly teddy bear looks great.If you just love it,please take it home and put it in any bedroom or playroom.

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